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"Photographing Hawaii:
Capturing the Beauty and Spirit of the Islands"

Hawaii: a Photographers Paradise
The Hawaii archipelago is the most remote large island group in the world. 2,400 miles away from the nearest continent – North America – it has developed it's own unique multi-colored flora and fauna. It's own evolution of life/species and it's own rhythms, heartbeat, and resonance.

The big island of Hawaii alone contains one of the world's greatest concentration of climate types. From dry, coastal, desert strand to some of the wettest spots on earth, to hot humid tropical lushness to stark, barren, snow-capped mountains, Hawaii offers an astonishing array of photographic opportunities.

With turquoise waters, active volcanos, magnificent waterfalls, unceasing rainbows and pristine beaches. With unparalleled, consistant sunrise and sunset colors, warm tropical breezes, gently swaying palms, and rugged wilderness, Hawaii offers a unique and unforgettable photographic experience. The Hawaiian Islands are one of the planet's greatest natural wonders.

Light of Aloha Photography Workshops

Robert Frutos - Hawaii nature phtotographerPhoto Workshops in Hawaii by nationally-recognized
nature photographer & big island resident:
Robert Frutos

Author of: Photographing Nature in Hawaii:
Capturing the Beauty and Spirit of the Islands

Nature Photography is a Celebration - a way of seeing the world in a whole new way, one of discovery and awareness, art and technique. It can touch the heart, heal, and uplift the spirit, but it can also be a major source of frustration when you are unable to capture and convey – the place or experience – you attempted to photograph.

What this workshop offers is the inspiration and techniques needed to capture some of Hawaii's most beautiful landscapes. These workshop will walk you through the steps to capture the dynamic and successful nature photograph. It offers technical instruction, and a knowledge of the art of photography that will expand your photographic awareness, enhance your photo skills, and make outdoor photography a deeply-rewarding experience.

The focus of the workshop will be "Photographing Nature in Hawaii: Capturing the Beauty and Spirit of the Islands." The workshop offers the "how to's" of photographing images that celebrate and capture the Hawaiian landscape. The workshop will offer proven, time-tested techniques for all levels of photographers, and inspiration for nature enthusiasts. It will convey the unique and diverse beauty of the Hawaiian landscape as a means to uplift and deepen ones' relationship with nature and spirit. Along with techniques, talk/story will give insight into the heart of capturing compelling images - drawing from over twenty years experience of professional nature photographer, workshop leader - and founder of Light of Aloha Photography Center, Robert Frutos.

Robert's images have appeared in numerous publications including Sierra Club Publications, many nature calendars, books and magazines. Their work can be found among many private collectors and he is currently being represented by the Michael Thompson Gallery in San Francisco and on the web at

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Light of Aloha Photography Tours & Workshops are an inspiring photo experience – that balances the delicate art of being in the right place at the right time, with the techniques to enhance your skills – to capture images that convey the majestic splendor of Hawaii.

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